Professional Lice Removal and Lice Treatment

Get rid of head lice and nits for good with our professional lice removal services in the Denver Metro Area! Our expert team offers 100% guaranteed lice treatment, nit removal, and head lice removal services that will leave you and your family feeling relieved and lice-free after just one treatment.

Our experienced and meticulous technicians are extensively trained by the Shepherd Institute research facility.

Guaranteed Lice Removal Treatment by Highly Trained Professionals
Hot air devices can burn you and leave you with dead lice and live nits (eggs) in your hair. Lice Cleanse leaves you with NO lice and NO eggs.
Back To School Immediately After Treatment!

What is the Shepherd Method?

The Shepherd Method strand-by-strand technique that manually removes the nits. It’s an extremely thorough process, which requires many steps. We use a safe non-toxic product to help loosen the eggs. Next, we do a thorough comb-out with our lice and nit removing comb. This step removes most of the bugs and eggs. Finally we examine each strand of hair for any missed nits, and then do another final round of combing using oil.

Strand-by-Strand Approach Removes Lice and Nits

Our certified lice removal treatment specialists use the proven Shepherd Method to remove all the lice and nits no one wants left behind. This process is more effective than any other treatment. Although there are some products and hot air services who claim they kill all nits, nothing takes them off the hair strand without manual removal. Not doing so leads to re-infestation, but even so, do you want hair with dead lice and live nits or hair with NO lice and NO nits?

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Follow Up

Although we remove all lice during the treatment, going back to the same environment puts you at risk to get lice again. For this reason we provide one FREE follow up visit to detect any reinfestation. We are so confident in this process that our treatment is 100% Guaranteed.

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Our beautiful salon is perfectly equipped with the proper lighting to effectively remove head lice. Our services are very competitively priced. You will receive the best possible service using our proprietary safe, effective, non-toxic products.

Denver Head Lice Removal and Treatment

We offer safe, reliable, and convenient head lice treatment options. Our top techniques are approved for both children and adults. You don’t have to spend more money on hazardous products and treatments that don’t work. With years of experience, we help families win their battle against lice!Our lice advice is always free. 303-261-6550


Lice Cleanse is your one-stop solution for EVALUATION, TREATMENT, and PREVENTION of head lice. We offer treatment in a family-friendly, clean-salon environment.If you believe you or a member of your family has been in contact with head lice, Lice Cleanse can provide immediate peace of mind with a screening evaluation. During a lice screening, specially trained Lice Cleanse technicians manually comb out the hair to check for nits and lice.

Head Lice Inspection

 $ 20 / Head Lice Checks
  • Our technicians will carefully inspect the hair and scalp for lice using the most effective methods.
  • If lice or nits are found we recommend treatment.
  • The Head Check is FREE if a lice treatment is provided.

We will show you the evidence of infestation.

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Lice Treatment

160 Standard 2 hour Treatment
  • We are Shepherd Method Certified and guarantee removal of all lice and nits.
  • Immediate Family receives a free Head Lice Inspection.
  • We remove each nit and louse by hand, one strand of hair at a time.
  • Includes 1 FREE Follow Up Visit

Services are covered under Flex Spending.

May be covered under Medical Insurance.

Denver Lice Cleanse Location

7625 W Hampden Ave Unit 5 

Lakewood CO 80227



Happy Customers

Jami Arenz

Rose was awesome! I had been fighting the battle with head lice for so long and nothing got rid of the pesky nits! Rose got the job done and she gave me so much new and useful information. I would recommend her to anyone and get to her as soon as you see the first evidence. Don’t waste your time and money on any other treatments.

Ethan Montano

Rose was absolutely amazing! My girlfriend found out she had lice while we were on vacation and we were freaking out. We called lice cleanse and rose was very educational and was able to give us peace of mind. The treatment was great and did not use harsh chemicals in our hair. Would highly recommend this business if you get lice! You will learn a lot and feel so clean afterwards! Rose is the best!

Marlena Romero

No parent dreams of being in this situation, and yet it happens very frequently. From the moment I spoke with Rose, my anxiety decreased significantly and she guided and helped my family throughout the process. She was very knowledgeable and communicated in such a kind and compassionate way. She showed such diligence and patience in working with my family. I am so thankful she did her magic and helped me with my two youngest kids. Thank you Rose!

Bobby Shomrony

We highly recommend Rose and the Lice Cleanse clinic. They provide an exceptional service and educated us on all the details associated with lice. We truly appreciated the thoroughness of the treatment. If you’re looking for true peace of mind, go to Lice Cleanse. You won’t regret it!

Brandon Kirk

Cannot say enough about Rose at Lice Cleanse. It’s an awful situation to be in as a parent and her approach to education and removal was incredibly helpful! She is definitely someone you want in your corner if you ever find head lice!

Karissa Gramly

I can not thank Lice Cleanse enough for what they have done for my family. I don’t know how but Rose and her daughter managed to be both professional and full of information but at the same time chatting with me like an old friend and never making me feel stupid or embarrassed. Even my kids said “I don’t want to go back there but I would love to see her again because she is nice and fun”. You are a wonder woman to treat my family of six (three of us girls) of all ages who all have thick dark hair patiently and thoroughly. It was more than some might want to think about paying for lice removal but I feel was more than worth it for both the care and love my whole family got. Thank you thank you thank you.

britany Roza

I have always been afraid of lice, so when I spotted some nits in my daughter’s hair this past weekend, I was shook. However, Rose calmed my fears 100%. She was albe to give us tons of helpful information and rid us of nits and lice in a few hours. She is amazing at what she does. I HIGHLY suggest Lice Cleanse if you are having any issues with lice.

eliciana sanchez

Rose is amazing. She’s so knowledgeable and sweet. I went today for a lice check and she is amazing, so genuine and thorough! I wish I would have found her before going to LCA.

David Homan

Rose was awesome. She was extremely meticulous checking for and removing any eggs left over on my daughter’s head. Rose was so kind to my daughter and very engaging and informative to both of us. Her salon was super clean and Disney+ on the big screen was a nice touch. I definitely recommend Lice Cleanse!!! Thanks Rose!!! 🌹

Cody Loe

Rose did an amazing job, and is extremely knowledgeable and teaches you everything you need to know about lice. Affordable and I’d highly recommend her services!

Jen McNurlen

Do not go anywhere else…Rose is amazing! Her method is so extremely thorough, I left feeling very confident that she got every last nit from my child’s long, thick hair! She takes the time to go through the hair strand by strand and she does all the work for you – you don’t have to continue doing oil and comb treatments yourself at home after paying for a pricey treatment. Furthermore, she educates you about lice while you are there. Lice removal is not a cheap service, and you may spend a few hours there, but for the amazing service she offers the price is WELL worth it!

Landry Raymond

Rose was incredibly helpful in handling our situation. She made sure we felt comfortable inside and calmed all of worries and answered all of our questions. I absolutely recommend coming to this place if you are dealing with a lice outbreak yourself!

Michelle Aragon

Rose was amazing! She greeted us with a smile and gave us tons of information. She was very detail oriented and spent almost 4 hours on me and my daughters hair. I would recommend this place to anyone dealing with this lice issue.

Rachel Lee

While in town to finalize things on my house, I stayed with a friend whose child brought home head lice from school. This immediately sent me into a panic and I frantically headed to the nearest hotel and searched for anyone who could do a thorough check on me. To my amazement, and thank God!!, I quickly found Lice Cleanse. I did not know that such services existed! Rose was quick to schedule an almost immediate appointment and was reassuring the entire time. Not only did Rose do a thorough lice check; she educated me on the life cycle of lice, how they replicate and spread, and what one should do in the event of finding lice. I am pleased to report I was lice free, but having the information helped calm me and alleviate my psychosomatic reaction to the event. If you ever think your family has been in contact with lice, I cannot recommend Rose enough!! She is a certified and trained professional. Do not think you can find it and treat it yourself. It is easy to miss and definitely worth a $20 head check; whether you walk out with peace of mind or your loved ones need proper treatment. There is no judgment only support, education, and kindness with Rose. Lice Cleanse is hands down the place to go!!

RB Polk

I cannot speak highly enough of the services provided by Lice Cleanse. Like I imagine is the case for many who find themselves in the unwanted position of needing lice removal services, I was panicking about what to do until I thankfully found Rose’s website. All of the information she readily shared on her website made it clear that she knew what she was doing and that her goal was to help in any way possible. I placed a call to her at 10:30pm on a Sunday night, hoping to get a call back first thing Monday morning. Lo and behold, she answered my call instead of letting it go to voicemail. I was so relieved to speak with her and set an appointment for the next morning for my entire family to get checked. Thankfully, only 2 of my children needed to be treated. Rose treated us all with kindness and concern and made sure we left her salon lice and nit free. What many people don’t understand is that over the counter products just don’t work anymore. The only process for completely getting rid of both live lice and nits (eggs) is the process that Rose is certified to perform. I hope you do not need her services, but, if you do, she is THE ONE to hire to help you with this problem. Many thanks!!

LJ Carey

What an absolute godsend! We discovered our daughter had lice while driving home from vacation with family. Rose answered the phone and got us in right away. She checked my daughter, husband, brother in law, sister in law, and niece (thankfully it was just my daughter and me). She and her daughter treated and picked us clean, then saw us next day to make sure nothing was missed. Additionally, she gave us so much good information and was so incredibly kind and compassionate. My kiddo is tenderheaded, so she was especially gentle and sweet.

The service was a bit expensive, but it is well worth the money. We did it on our own when our kids got lice in daycare at three, and it took so much longer and was so much harder. Lice Cleanse is thorough and make lice removal seem easy. Highly, highly recommend!

Diana ward

Having your kiddo get Lice is not fun! Tried myself to get rid of them with 3 treatments of Fairytale brand natural product. Unsuccessful. Really need a professional that has a NON TOXIC, methodical process to remove and eliminate them, and Rose proved to be just that person! She understands the urgency you feel, and took care of us in the evening. She sections off the child’s hair and then in paper thin “slices” using her special tool removes all bugs and nits. Took about 2 hours, but was well worth it for the peace of mind that no hair on her head went unturned! Gave us a certificate to give to the school that she was lice free and then does 1-2 rechecks to make sure she remains that way. Kids watch movies during the process. She is kind and gentle, and very very knowledgeable about these icky critters… I came away well educated on them myself! Highly recommend Lice Cleanse and Rose! ☺️

Mr. Lawdon

We struggled getting the critters out of my daughter’s long, curly hair. The service that Rose provides at Lice Cleanse is WORTH IT. Her advice and re-education on lice, nits, treatment, prevention and everything was so very helpful. The salon is clean and she has wi-fi and Netflix for the kids to watch while she nit picks (literally). Don’t use pharmacy at-home kits that are full of toxins and don’t work well. Don’t bother looking elsewhere – just give Rose a call.

Claire D

Rose was wonderful! She’s the owner of Lice Cleanse. It’s beautiful, clean, kid friendly, and they do a great job. I particularly enjoyed doing the treatments outside of the home, versus an in home service. Couldn’t recommend it more highly!

Susan Destefano

I am so grateful we found Rose and her ladies. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! Not only did they successfully rid me and my children of lice on the first attempt, but they taught us so much, both how wrong and overblown my assumptions were and how best to prevent or deal with any future recurrence. The over-the-counter box treatment, aside from being many times more dangerous for your children than lice, cannot be close to as effective (Rose looks literally at every hair), and cannot provide the same peace of mind. Thanks, Rose. I will recommend you every time.

Kerry Strong

I went there in somewhat of a panic, my daughter had lice 3 times and I was at my wits end. Rose calmed me down and explained everything in great detail! She was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot while I was there! The way she was with my daughter was even better. She calmed my daughter down and explained everything she was going to do before she did it!! Lice Cleanse was a god send for me! fingers crossed we don’t need to go back but if my daughter ever gets lice again I am for sure going back there and will also send everyone I know there!! they are wonderful!! Thank you so very much Rose!!

Bridget Beckett

My family and I are so grateful to have found Lice Cleanse. Rose really took the time to educate us, converting something that seemed scary into something completely manageable. The staff is attentive and thorough – not to mention stayed until midnight to be sure we could rest our heads in peace. Well worth the price.

Dara Grady

This winter, what I assumed to be extreme winter dryness in my families scalps turned out to be lice, much to my horror. However as soon as I realized what was going on, I made an appointment at lice cleanse for that evening and Rosa, the owner, worked well into the night clearing our hair of our infestation. I learned a lot about lice and treatment from Rosa. Though I hope to never get lice again, it’s comforting to know there is such a convenient, thorough and flexible option for treatment available.

Staci Yarrish

Rose was amazing with my kids and I. I walked in there feeling itchy and gross and stressed out she educated us very well on lice. I would recommend her to anyone very pleased worth every penny I spent more on shampoos at home then I did her service I never new about this business before the word needs out people are very uneducated about lice like my self until I meet rose . Thank you so much

Jennifer Gowins

I am so pleased with the services provided. The facility was very clean and child friendly. The owner is kind and gentle. She shared a ton of information with us and I left feeling very confident that our problem was resolved. So very happy with this service and the natural products used.

Jayla gonzales

Rose was awesome! One treatment and it was completely done . I would recommend going here before doing over the counter treatments!

Mekala Chacon

I had amazing comfortable experience. Very well Educated and I happened to take several cards and going to spread the word out to all the parents that Lice Cleanse is the way to go. Thank you ladies Rose and Marilyn you are Amazing!

Jenny Edwards

Thanks to Rose, we can rest easily tonight knowing that the lice is gone! I called the second I found a bug in my 3 year old’s hair. She got us in immediately. I was a nervous wreck, but Rose quickly answered every question I had and calmed my fears. Rose is an angel sent from heaven! I am so thankful.

Kayla Opperman

I am SO grateful for Rose!!! This could have been much more of a nightmare than it already was. She not only got rid of the lice in both mine and my baby daughter’s hair, but she also informed us of everything we needed to know about the critters. I left feeling very confident and comfortable on how to prevent another infestation. We went back this morning for our follow-up to see that that didn’t happen, and we’re totally clear and good to go! I’m so happy I was able to do it without pouring toxic chemicals on us or using a home remedy that would mean dealing with it for weeks. It was only a half-day ordeal for us. She even knew when we each got it, so I was able to track down where we got it and who else needed to be checked. Thank you, Rose!

Stess Alvarado

Extremely knowledgeable. I work with kids and I would recommend Lice Cleanse to all the parents. A little pricey but they take HSA accounts. A pleasant experience, except for the having lice part, but I didn’t have to cut off my very long hair thanks to them.

Sheri Johnson

ROSE was amazing. She shared so much of her knowledge with us. She truly cares and is so gentle. My grandbabies live out of state and she got us in right away and then did a follow up check before they went back home. It is worth every penny !!!

Kaitlynn Shiflett

I am so pleased with the services provided. The facility was very clean and child friendly. The owner is kind and gentle. She shared a ton of information with us and I left feeling very confident that our problem was resolved. She is one of two licensed people in the state to perform certain techniques. I called at 10 PM the night before and she saw my daughter early the next morning. So very happy with this service and the natural products used.

Sarah Garratt

If you have kiddos, this will come up eventually. Their services were not cheap, but they were incredibly thorough, diligent and patient. They have a TV and Netflix to keep the kids occupied. The space was so clean. Hopefully I won’t need to use their services again, but if it comes up, I will definitely call them. Highly recommend.

Kathy Kaufman

Lice Cleanse is a very well run business and offers outstanding customer service. Their staff was so attentive and answered all our questions. The service they offered me and my kids was reliable and very thorough.

Julie B. Geller

Rose and her team are fantastic. Rose takes good care of her clients with an emphasis on educating them. She is reachable, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Melis Miller

Rose was so kind and amazing with our family. She went out of her way to make it a good experience for my kids and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Lisa Schatz

Rose is outstanding at her job. She is caring and professional.

Shannon Hartnett

This place is amazing! Highly recommend to anyone!! Rose is highly educated and very methodical with the treatment.

Jamisen Lucero

Rose is amazing and was so kind to my sweet girl! Thank you Rose!

Laurie Lyons

Really nice with kids ans knowledgeable. This is the place to go

Lori Majestic

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