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Effective Lice Removal Solutions

Discover our certified lice removal services designed to provide fast and thorough treatment for your family.

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Lice Cleanse is your go-to destination for head lice EVALUATION, TREATMENT, and PREVENTION. Our salon offers a family-friendly, spotless environment for treatment. If you suspect head lice contact, Lice Cleanse can swiftly provide peace of mind with a screening evaluation.

School & Camp Screenings

During a lice screening, our expert Lice Cleanse technicians meticulously comb through the hair to inspect for nits and lice. Trust us to provide a thorough and effective solution to keep your environment lice-free.
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Lice Prevention Education

Our team specializes in providing effective and gentle head lice treatment solutions. Our proven methods are safe for all ages, ensuring peace of mind for families. Say goodbye to ineffective and harmful products – let us guide you to victory in the fight against lice!

What Our Clients Say

“The lice removal service was quick and effective. Our family is lice-free and couldn’t be happier!”

“Professional and thorough. The team educated us on prevention, and we haven’t had an issue since.”

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